Let me start this blog by saying: if you don’t recognize the understood “too” at the end of that sentence (Black lives matter, too…) you’re probably not going to agree with this post.

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But not agreeing with something doesn’t make it not a reality. Black Americans have been historically disenfranchised, from racial mass incarcerationΒ to voter ID laws to police shootings. It is our job as White Americans to hold up our Black brothers and sisters so that their voices can be heard.

The new racism

Just like the “alt-right” i.e. neo-nazis, racism has also taken a turn into neo-racism. Gone are the days of lynching squads and segregated schools. The racism of 2016 is much more subtle, but just as dangerous. This “new” racism forbids Black women from wearing their hair naturally in their workplace “dress code.” This “new” racism jails a Black man 20% longer than a White man for the same crime. This “new” racism is being told over and over that “whiteness” is the ideal.

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But calling it “new” makes it seem like we’ve advanced as a society, away from the “old” racism we’ve somehow grown out of. So let’s be clear, there’s nothing “new” about this “new racism.” It’s the same old BS wrapped up in a prettier, more educated while also more ignorant, package.

Next time you pull out the Webster Dictionary definition of racism to prove that Whites experience racism:

“the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”

remember that a bunch of middle-aged, rich, white men wrote that definition.