Last night I attended a candlelight vigil in DTLA to urge electors to vote with their conscious. This was a historic election in many ways.

Source: Facebook

Republicans and conservative newspapers came out in support of Hillary in DROVES – for the first time in forever.

Hillary won the popular vote by 2.5 million votes, that’s the largest popular vote lead of any losing candidate in history. The last person to lose the election but win the most votes was Al Gore, who won 543,000 more votes than George W. Bush.

Hillary has the second most votes of any candidate EVER. Obama holds that #1 card with  69,498,516 votes in 2008 (Hillary got 64.2 million).

Seven different people ended up receiving electoral votes, that means that five people who weren’t even actually running for President got at least one vote from the electoral college…that’s the most unearned votes the United States has seen since 1796. On top of that there were seven “faithless electors,” which hasn’t happened in the US since the 1800s!

Turns out some of the electors DID deflect…but not how we were hoping. There were even a few votes for Native American Leader Faith Spotted Eagle.

Call me naive – but end all be all it was a night full of singing and candlelight.