There’s this awesome website I found called that empowers and educated women who are interested in running for office.

In one such lesson, you’re required to create a personal branding survey and ask your friends, family and close acquaintances to complete it.

Some of the questions are:

If you were to describe my key attributes, which 7 words would you use? And…

I could be even more successful if I would do more ________?

It even came up with neat little word clouds of the words people used to describe my strengths & weaknesses.

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-12-03-14-amMy favorite question, though, has to be the last one:

There are many possibilities for my future pursuits in life. Pick two of the options below to use as a metaphor for your experience of me.

For example:

   If I were a food what kind would I be and why?
       You would be a Snickers bar because you are both sweet and nutty, with a delicious sense of humor and you have enough substance to stick with things longer than most.

   If I were a mode of transportation what kind would I be and why?
       You would be a bullet train because you move at high speed, stop for nothing in your path and can carry a lot of people with you.

I HIGHLY recommend everyone do this for themselves, both the SheShouldRun Incubator and the personal branding workbook which walks you through the personal branding survey. Not only does it help you figure out who you are, but it can also be used as a helpful motivational tool.

Here were some of my favorite responses:

1.If you were an animal you’d be puss n boots cause he does that thing where he’s a cute kitty and then he kicks your ass later. You’re also a burrito. Got lots of things going on under that tortilla surface and you don’t even know how nummy you are cause you feel all jumbled and messy on inside and sometimes you accidentally make people feel like they ate too much cause you got all excited to feed them but nobody’s that mad cause it was fun!

2. If you were an animal you’d be a rooster because you always call people to get woke!

3. If you were a food you’d be pizza….everyone likes pizza!

Thank you everyone that has participated thus far! Your feedback has been truly helpful and actually REALLY fun to read through. AND it inspired me to create an awesome new Instagram account:

Hillary (I.e. Kate McKinnon) sang it best #hallelujah @nbcsnl #vigilsforamerica

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