A Bonded Magazine Exclusive by Chella

The Bachelor is many-a-feminists guilty pleasure reality TV show. We hate to love watching it religiously, and love to hate on it’s ridiculous story lines (seriously what producer told that poor girl to wear a shark costume and insist it’s a dolphin?) This week were dissecting one of our favorite guilty pleasures: The Bachelor.

Myself and my cousins Gwen and Ron sat down to watch the most recent episode of “The Bachelor” and we’re not slut-shaming and we’re not talking crap about the girls…what we ARE doing is calling out the producers for the way that they’ve produced the girls to act a certain way.

Over the past year I worked as a producer for iHeartMedia and I actually was producing during The Backstreet Boys event in this episode – so, I know what I’m talking about – kinda 😉

In this episode Nick came out with the fact that he had actually slept with one of the contestants (like 6 months ago) but who he just kicked off the show…or told her to leave…or didn’t give her a rose, whatever you wanna call it. So all the girls were fake mad that Nick wasn’t the virgin they wanted to pretend he was (OK no one likes meeting past flings) and they did a great job pretending they were super pissed. Honestly – why would he keep her around on purpose? Because the producers told him to so they could create some fake drama that’s why – PRODUCER PICK.

Then Corrine got trashed and the producers convinced her to seduce Nick in nothing but a trench coat. THEN they got creative with editing and made it seem like her nip was a-slippin, when we’re actually pretty sure it wasn’t. V creative, producers. Fortunately Jasmine just happened to be walking by and Nick rescued himself from drunk-as-a-skunk Corrine. But drunk Corrine was drunk and quickly realized how much of a fool she just made herself look like. So she had a nice cry with one of the other girls, skipped the rose ceremony and passed out. We’ve all been there – right!?

Feminist WIN! There’s a Black & bisexual girl (Jaimi) on the show this season along with MORE THAN ONE other Black girl (Dominique, Jasmine B., Jasmine G., Michelle, Rachel & Taylor)…BLACK GIRL MAGIC! I’ll be honest, I don’t know all the names of the girls that are still left…there’s too many (who knows how Nick does it?! Actually I do, the producers have to remind him…) It’s been a running joke that Black suitors never make it very far…which isn’t THAT surprising because there’s never even been a Black Bachelor or Bachelorette…there’s never even been a Black person in the final 4 – WHAT YEAR IS IT!?

So then The Backstreet Boys show up at the mansion – “EVERYBODY!” – and the 12-year-old in all of us geeked out. Lemme just tell you they were NOT backup dancers. The Backstreet Boys performed a full show, like an hour and a half, then a bunch of the audience left, and THEN they brought all the girls out on stage to dance to ONE song and they picked a winner. The winner then got (had) to dance with Nick on stage in front of ALL THE OTHER GIRLS (and the audience) while being serenaded by The BSBs. It was incredibly awkward in person and you could tell Nick was uncomfortable too (see: clenched fists). Since when do the Bachelors kiss the girls in front of the other girls – NOT COOL NICK.

Then Nick took Vanessa on a 1-on-1 zero-gravity astronaut date where she got motion sick and puked all over the place on national tv. Nick was supportive and for some reason we were impressed – shouldn’t we just expect kindness out of people when their date gets sick to no fault of their own?

Which led us to a debate about the word promiscuous – what are your thoughts on the word?

If you hadn’t noticed by this point in the video I was drinking out of a “full bottle” wine glass (have you ever noticed 1.) the size of the wine glasses on The Bachelor and 2.) how the girls are NEVER on their phones? That’s because they’re not allowed contact with the outside world while they’re taping. How bored would you be without the internet!? Add free alcohol into the equation and you might start to understand why there’s so much drama and so many tears.

I WILL give Nick points for the second part of the 1-on-1 date. Vanessa opens up about her grandpa, who died shortly before she came on the show saying she knows he’s with her in spirit – guiding her on the dating journey, and Nick CRIES. I’m hoping that was an honest moment and not the alcohol speaking – but maybe I’m just being tricked by creative producing.

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