Did you participate in the Women’s March? What were you walking for? I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to D.C. on a Southwest buddy pass and stay with friends and family in D.C., and what an amazing experience it was. The Women’s March is estimating over 1 million men and women were in attendance at the march in D.C. and over 4 million people worldwide. It’s the biggest international movement in history – let me repeat that – it’s the BIGGEST INTERNATIONAL MOVEMENT IN HISTORY. We will not be stopped, Trump.

Some of my favorite chants:

  • “When immigrant lives (women, Mexicans, Black, indigenous, disabled etc.) are under attack, what do we do? STAND UP FIGHT BACK!” (The intersectionality of the march was truly beautiful.)
  • “My body my choice! Her body her choice!”

Some of my favorite signs:

  • “Don, you ignorant slut.”
  • “My IUD will outlast your presidency.”
  • “I’ll see all you nice White ladies at the Black Lives Matter protest next, right?”
  • “Don’t forget: White women voted for Trump.”

Which brings me to THIS sign:


I posted this photo on my Facebook last week in order to generate a discussion about White privilege, sensitivity  and supremacy with my community. A lot of the feedback was:

“This is negativity in a movement of positivity. What’s the point?”

The point is this – and please bear with me White women:

53% OF WHITE WOMEN VOTED FOR TRUMP. Educated women, poor women, disabled women…the majority of White women elected Trump, a man who said he grabs women

“by the pussy.”

That’s in comparison to the 94% of Black women who voted for Hillary. They tried to save us, and failed. Now, you may feel the need to counter:


This troubles me. As a woman, when you bring up an issue about sexism…catcalling for instance, and a man responds “Not ALL men,” don’t you feel silenced? Don’t you feel like that man doesn’t understand the issue? That’s exactly how the Black community feels..they don’t need you to SAY you’re innocent, that you’re an ally, we need to PROVE IT.  By stating “not all White women,” you’re making the issue about you, and the issue isn’t about you. As a White women – FUCK White women. There should be an implied understanding that I’m not talking about all White women…you don’t need to say it – we promise.

White women actually NEED to be called out for this – if you’re confused why White women voted to support and maintain this system of oppression – this sign was for you! If it makes you feel uncomfortable – good! Uncomfortable conversations are how we will progress. Don’t be afraid to ask ignorant questions of your fellow White sisters – we want to help you understand. But DO understand it’s not OK to burden your sisters of color with your ignorance unless they have offered to share with you. Our sisters of color cannot change the color of their skin – they are constantly burdened with the responsibility of speaking for the entire community of people of color simply because of the way they look – and that’s not OK. Educate yourself – and if you’re White – it’s your responsibility to educate your sisters.

Each of us has a responsibility to use the privilege we have on behalf of those who lack it.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments. I’m ready.