I was privileged to join the hundreds of thousands of women who traveled from all over the nation to D.C. to participate in the Women’s March, but I wanted to make sure it truly meant more than just that – a march. We activists are getting so much flak for taking to the streets to make sure our voices, and the voices of the historically disenfranchised, are being heard, understood and respected. Our critics don’t believe just marching is enough – just showing up is enough. So I took it upon myself to put an extra meaning behind my march. I called upon my community of women to donate their gently used clothing and make-up and I was tasked with washing & sterilizing their donations. Watch this short 1-minute clip I made to say thank you:


So, again, THANK YOU to everyone who donated or has otherwise sent messages of support. It’s people like you that keep this fire inside me from burning out. I hope we can continue to show up and show out for those who need us to do so.

If you’d like to donate – shoot me a message from the “Contact Us” page. Let’s keep it going!!