This past Saturday I headed to DTLA to join the voices of thousands as they shouted their rage over the recent ICE raids of the Hispanic population and the Muslim Ban. What I didn’t expect was for there to be SUCH an amazing turnout of ALL kinds of people. White People For Black Lives and CAIR both had booths side-by-side, a mere 200 feet from the churro stand. It was not only a rally where Trans-Latina women, migrant workers, and even a 12-year-old activist got up to speak and let their voices, their stories be heard, but in between every speaker the music blasted and we danced. We ate hotdogs wrapped in bacon sold by street vendors whom, the 12-year-old activist reminded us,

“Were there working hard to make an honest buck,”

…and not sell drugs as the anti-Immigration crowd would have us believe. Immigration is not a Mexican issue, not a refugee issue, Immigration is an American issue, and that’s what this rally reminded me.

Honestly the leaders of this rally need to show everyone else how it’s done! If there were churros and music at every rally, people would stop calling them rallies and just show up to show support and have a good time being informed. It was awesome.

The signs, though, are always my favorite part. People, especially Los Angelians, never let me down with their creativity and passion. Check out this girl who let the breakout Netflix original “Stranger Things,” do the talking.

Here’s the Facebook Live video I took when I first arrived, which has one of the speakers in it: