When I first got an email about interviewing a woman who was running for West Hollywood City Council I was ecstatic. Though it was evident this Carla girl was a badass (running a grassroots campaign never having run for office before!!) – it wasn’t until I met with her and we did this interview that I realized JUST how awesome, strong, intelligent and personable this 25-year-old really is.

Carla grew up in a city just outside of D.C., so she says she’s politics have always played a role in her life, from volunteering at non-profits to phone banking for Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t until Trump took office that she realized she had to step up to the plate (sound familiar?). But here’s the coolest thing: SHE DID. She found out what elections were coming up, and with two seats on her neighborhood’s city council opening up, she knew this was her opportunity to make a difference.


Source: Facebook

Carla’s passion for people is evident. She began canvassing immediately – knocking on doors of hundreds of strangers in the hopes of earning their vote. Sounds like fun, right *sarcasm*. But Carla doesn’t mind. She’s used connections as a casting producer to produce her own commercials (which are awesome), and she’s taken a millennial approach to voter outreach with Facebook Live.

Speaking of, here’s our awesome interview:

Carla’s top priority is affordable housing – which is why she wants everyone to vote

NO on “S.”

This badass, half-Mexican feminist is making waves, and I’m here to say She Should Lead.

The election is right around the corner on March 7th, so West Hollywood, make sure you pick

Romo for WeHo.

Give her social’s a “like” and let her know she’s got your support:

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And be sure to check out her views at CarlaRomo.org