Saturday night I made my way over to Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood where Fine Art Photographer and Director Ra Dreyfus was having her first feminist art opening.

A few dozen people crammed into the space while lights were still being hung and drinks were just beginning to be poured. Dreyfus decided there was not more necessary time than now to make her voice heard. Her goal was to take away men’s identification of women, and to allow women to take their power back.

“I’m the oldest of eight kids. I have three sisters. I don’t want any woman, regardless if they’re my mom, my sister, a complete stranger, to be objectified…because we aren’t less than.”

The art exhibit was gorgeous, truly. Through video, still picture, and even glass, Dreyfus explored the idea that: all women have the right to sexualize themselves without outside objectification due to the systematization of the government and the media. With the belief that all female bodies are beautiful that create life, no one has the right to demean anyone based on modesty.


Her she is in the middle in all black, chatting with Jessica Morris. Dreyfus’ favorite piece, and after her hilarious explanation, my favorite – too, was what seemed to be a funky, floral clusterfuck. But look closer…


Yes, those flower petals are actually made from dipping tits and ass in paint and smushing them onto the canvas… but look even closer.

IMG_5552     IMG_5659

Yes, those pretty flower petals are decorated with colorful broken glass. Guess pretty flowers aren’t so dainty, are they? If you’re not following, Dreyfus is using the symbolism of flowers and femininity juxtaposed with sharp, broken glass, to point out, basically, that females are strong as hell. Just like art, as women are commonly referred to and valued for their looks, women are always ALWAYS more than they appear to be. Especially when viewed through society’s goggles.

But take a closer look at the picture on the right.

That’s Dreyfus’ hand pointing out little speckles of red. OK – ok I know what you’re thinking, and yes – you’re right – that’s blood. But this part of the art wasn’t intended – it was more of a happy accident. While moving the piece, Dreyfus enlisted the help of a friend who wasn’t as careful as he should’ve been.


I think she said 14 stitches? Not an advocate for violence here – the irony was just too good to not mention.

Amber Nash was just one of the names at this awesome, feminist event. If you don’t recognize the name, you’d probably recognize the voice. She plays Pam on hit FX Series Archer.


Source: GiphyArcher!

Nash realized “Oh shit, I need to be more active,” just like the rest of us after Trump, well, you know when… so she took it upon herself to show up and support.


There’s Amber in real life. Does she look like a badass? Because she was giving off badass vibes.

“My character on the show is very female positive. She used to be the punching bag and now she’s got a lot of power.”

I asked Nash if she’d be continuing to be an activist in her career and in her casting choices, and her answer will empower you:

“Actresses right now are like ‘NO, FUCK THAT,’ and people want to see powerful women on TV. It’s not fringe. So of course I’m going to ask for powerful roles.”

Her favorite piece of the night was a video playing in the back of the room because of it’s basis in reality, because of how normal it made nakedness.

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Nash told me that in addition to attending events like this one, she plans on working with more female directors:

“There are more women in film now than ever – and I have a lot of female friends that are directors – so it’s easy to find them and work with them instead of being subservient to men.” 

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– Chella