By Taylor Ferber

I’m conflicted and I won’t even hide it. Lately I’ve been wondering: Is there a line when it comes to using your sexuality to get things in life? I’m all for women doing what they gotta do to thrive. Plus, I knowingly use my sexuality to get things here and there, whether it be a free drink, getting out of a ticket, or having the upper hand in a relationship (mwuahaha). I have the ammo, and I’m not afraid to use it. In fact, I embrace it.

But here’s why I’m a hypocrite.

In my mind, those small daily things are justified. But then I see girls posting photo after photo of their butts and boobs, getting millions of views and likes on social media, and it can be as frustrating as it is discouraging. (And I’m not the only one who thinks so.) If I’m being honest, it’s like that’s the easy or the cheap way out. For the rest of us, creating a following and building a business by using brains over body seems ten-times more difficult for that very reason. I accept the fact that this is no one’s fault per say, but am I supposed to accept the fact that this is just the way it is?

Then I look at women who strip to get by, and I have no judgements whatsoever. To each his or her own, I just know that wouldn’t be the route I’d take. See? Hypocrisy. After speaking with Chella, the founder of She Should Lead, I realized that “the line” is totally subjective, and that’s OK. Our morals, situations, life views, and body image differ, and that’s the beauty of being a woman after all — no two of us are exactly the same.

That said, how have you learned from using your sexuality? Did you cross your own line and surprise yourself? Disappoint yourself? Grow or gain new outlook in any way? Talk to me about it in the comments, or reach me at @strippingdowncelebs.

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