The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles is the largest gathering of trans people that gather regularly to create art in the world.

As chorus Artistic Director Lindsey Deaton will tell you, “We’re singing for our lives. We’re not singing because we want to get together every Sunday, you know, 15 (trans) people got murdered so far this year.”

The chorus was founded just under two years ago, and they’re accomplished quite a bit since then, including two performances at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

But their journey hasn’t been without challenges. One challenge specific to the chorus is a lowering of voices as singers transition with the use of testosterone. “I have a singer in here that, we started at tenor, then baritone, now a base,” Deaton explains.

But with every obstacle comes an opportunity to learn, not only for the choruses that the Trans Chorus partners with on occasion, but also for each individual that gets the opportunity to watch them perform.

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