After protests, I’m often left with the feeling of “What’s next?” Protests, rallies and marches are the result of at least one organized individual, breaking news and an angry crowd. And while that anger is valid, it’s important to take the next step. Hundreds of people will gather to remember Daniel Shaver and to condemn police brutality. Use that time to connect with like-minded individuals. And for afterwards (or if you’re an over achiever like me and want to get a head start), here are a few places you can donate (because money speaks) & a few groups you can join to start being the change you want to see.


Daniel’s Memorial Fund:

Black Lives Matter:

Donate to the rally: We potentially have a portable speaker system being donated, but we need money for the protest licensing fee, candles, signs & banners etc.

Join a movement & attend a meeting:

It’s easy to feel like you’re making a difference while you’re condemning your racist aunt on Facebook, but the real change is made when people like you organize and mobilize and that takes in person planning. Here are a few Facebook groups you can utilize to find in person meetings:

Black Lives Matter PHX-metro:

Resist AZ

Refuse Fascism AZ:

Moms Demand Action (for Gun Sense AZ):

Antifascist Action PHX: These guys get a bad rap, but in truth are not pro-violence. Here’s how they describe themselves:

“Our effort is to combat all forms of white supremacy and patriarchy, whether or not they manifest themselves as killer cops, M.R.A’s, racist legislation…or nationalism. We seek to strengthen and build valley wide networks and to show mutual and genuine solidarity to groups already engaged in the struggle against fascism. Wherever fascists and racists raise their heads, we will be there to oppose them. We do not believe in ignoring them or engaging in “civil” dialogue with those that promote and inflict violence on others. The aim of the West Valley Antifa is to support local actions and to work together to directly confront and disrupt far right, racist and fascist events and their attempts to organize. That in unity, we as a class can further our struggle for a life of dignity and collective liberation.”

Jump on a campaign & help turn AZ politicians blue:

Deedra Abboud: Deedra is an American Muslim woman running for Senate. She made national headlines when she was attacked and protested for her religion online and by the alt-right.  &

Rock the Vote AZ: You don’t have to pick a specific candidate to support, you can volunteer to make sure all Arizonan Democrats have the ability and encouragement to vote! –>


(If your organization would like to be included on this list, please shoot me a message via the “contact me” link on this site.)