“Yeah! When Donald Trump is President how do you unpack that?” Hasan Piker of The Young Turks knows that his job is to sprinkle sugar on the shit that is all of America right now; to make the bullshit digestible (and even sometimes just good old fun).

“When the system is completely broken, how do you make jokes out of it?” Well, Hasan says, “You assume a very nihilistic position…and then you stop trying to appeal to everyone and stay true to what you feel is right.”

For a 26-year-old immigrant from Turkey with the 2nd highest rated show on one of the largest progressive news networks, those can sound like some fighting words. And Hasan is a fighter. In Trump’s America, we all have to be.

But he also knows his focus is based in entertainment more so than, say, activism. “Unfortunately given how difficult it is to bring about any sort of change in our current political system, I do my best in getting people engaged… but it’s hard, it’s super localized for the most part,” Hasan says “I try to get people aware and tell them this is what is right and this is what we should strive towards and this is how we can strive to get there…like abolishing ICE for example.”